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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1.  Contents on hosting
All contents hosted must be of legal material. We do not host any kind of sex sites.

2. Hosting for selected domain
We offer hosting for a selected domain for a nice price. Only 1 domain is set for 1 hosting pack. If you need to change domain - you need to purchase new hosting pack.

3. Payment
There is no moneyback after purcase or if you do not use the space you have paid for. 1 GB space is set for all users and payment is only different depending hosting time.

4. E-mail setup / lost e-mail password
It is possible to get 1-5 e-mails setup for your hosting.  In case you need more e-mail adresses you need to purchase more space. In that case please contact your IT company and we make a deal with them.

Setuptime for an email is aprox between 1 day to 1 week depending how busy we are. Setup is free of charge.

Lost e-mail password
In case you forget codes of e-mail there can be a charge from your IT firm.
All e-mails and code support must be handled via your IT firm.

5. Support
We only offer support for partner IT firm via e-mail. In any kind of support need - please contact your IT firm, who sold you your website.

6. Hosting setup
Normaly it takes 1-3 business days to setup an DNS for a domain to our hosting. If you use it is very easy and free.

In some cases there can be problems with setup of DNS if you forget to approve the DNS change.
Please let your IT firm help you with the DNS change. We do not setup DNS for customers but can help your IT firm.

7. Payment in correct time
Your hosted domain must be paid direct on this site minimum 7 days before hosting is expected.

If you have used our service and forgot to pay for more hosting before the last date - we can close your hosting without any notice and demand a charge to reopen your account again. Normaly we charge USD 50 to reopen your account for new hostingperiode unless you pay in advance.

We are aloved to make commercial on your site (url for this site) if you forgot to pay for our hosting service.

8. Personal information
In case you change your personal details - you have to keep us informed. Please contact us via your IT firm or update your account via your login.

9. If limit of space is used
In case your limit is amost used / used your limit - we will send you an notice and ask you to purchase more space. In case you need more space - you can purchase ekstra package.  Lets say you need 2GB instead of 1GB. Then you just purchase 2 package.

10. Split of hostig of site and e-mail
In case you are affraid to make your hosting cost to big if you get a lot of huge mails - then we can recommend just to let us host your domain and make a free gmail.
We cannot offer any help if you need to have your mail hosted at another server unless if your e-mail is an yahoo / gmail or hotmail.

Normaly e-mails do not take much space unless you send movie / songs or very large pictures / programs.

11. Downtime
In general we have 99,9 % up time with our hosting but do not offer any kind of compensation if hosting is down. You have to trust in our hosting.

If your DNS is not set correct... then your website do not work correct. In that case - please contact the company who set your DNS to our hosting.

Our hosting is working 99,9 % of the time.

Thank you for your accept of our terms. Hope you will enjoy our service.